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školení a přednášky v oblasti projektového řízení - AIESEC
"Dear Stefan!

I would like to start by thanking you for your very quick acceptance to help us and for coming down to deliver us the project management presentation.

We asked for feedback from the delegates and they were very satisfied with what they heard. They especially liked that you were able to connect the things said to their AIESEC reality which made it much easier to understand. Some parts seemed a bit too much to hear for the first time as we don't use any kind of project management method at all now, but as my overall goal for them was to show them the importance of thinking before doing, add some structure to their projects and have a basic flow they can use I'd say the goal was fulfilled. 

So thank you again in the name of the whole Member Committee for coming and I'm sure we'll be in touch one way or another, I think AIESEC Bratislava was very glad to have seen one of their ex members there as well :)"

Peter Gyorfi, Vice-President for Talent Management & Branch Development 2011/2012, AIESEC in Slovakia